Health and wealth

Good health and financial stand are directly proportional .Ignoring one is worth loosing them all!


Good health can be rated as state of pshycological,physical and mental wellbeing not just amere absence of disease or infirmity!

Good financial stand will basically be the ability to maintain good health! 

Yes literally good financial stand also has limitations ,heard of a super rich dying too..There are still some supernatural powers unknown to men in that we have to be kind like anyone else besides our financial stand because at least all of us has something that defeat us all.

Having a good financial freedom is adream of every man and woman..Even though we all know we are products of our previous task we still tend to ignore the power of now!

There is nothing we do that won't affect our health remember even a mere wind blowing at the middle of the night is busy communicating silence.. So what we do now will at one point influence our physical, social and phsycological part of the move all am meowing here is check your financial move now to avoid being left in the corridor of poor health and financial slavery!