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Sexual dysfunction is a sex hassle. Erectile dysfunction takes place due to a loss of the bloodstream in sure elements of the body.


Fildena one hundred mg

Sexual dysfunction is a sex hassle. Erectile dysfunction takes place due to a loss of the bloodstream in sure elements of the body. Due to this, he will become unable to get and maintain an erection together with his accomplice for a long time, So he wants to put off this hassle, So such men do now not want to be pardoned.

 You must use Fildena 100 pills to deal with this hassle. Which is used to treat the hassle of impotence. It consists of Sildenafil as an active ingredient. It facilitates men to get an erection in the long term so guys prefer to consume this medication.

Due to the growing hassle of impotence, men are struggling critically from this hassle. This makes him unable to get erections with his accomplice for a long period, So for such cases, there is no want for a surgical procedure, you should use Fildena a hundred mg Tablet to treat this hassle. It consists of Sildenafil as a lively element.

 In this series, blood glide increases, and blood vessels relax, So this medicinal drug enables men to get a strong and long-lasting erection with their associates, So guys opt to consume this medication and nevertheless consume this medication and make their sexual life satisfied.

The problem of erectile disorder is not unusual in guys elderly 25-35 years. And intercourse performs a massive component in their lives, So he desires to take away this hassle, So such guys don’t need surgery, you should treat this problem.

You may find various drug treatments available to treat the problem of impotence so you purchase Fildana 100 mg Tablet. It consists of Sildenafil as a lively aspect. This facilitates guys to get hard and long erections with their companions so you should devour this medication speedily and make your sexual existence glad.

How to take Fildena one hundred mg pill

If you want to get a sturdy and lengthy-lasting erection with your associate you then have to use Fildana a hundred mg drug. You should take this medicinal drug half-hour before sexual sex. You must take this remedy with 1 glass of water.

Do not smash or open this medicinal drug. The effect of this remedy lasts for four-five hours, So you should take this medicinal drug best once in 24 hours. Do no longer devour heavy food and do no longer eat alcohol before consuming this medication

The not unusual facet consequences of using Fildena one hundred mg are listed beneath:


Ringing or sounds of humming on your ears

To a lot of tearing of years of eye

Painful urination


Sensitivity to mild

Visual disturbances

Burning, numbness, and prickling in your toes and fingers

Bloody and cloudy urine





Flushed Face


Sensitivity to mild

Urinary tract infections



Vision disturbances


Muscle aches

Hearing loss


Sleep disturbances


Flushed Face





Numbness in the limbs

Burning in Urination



Stuffed Nose

Light Sensitivity

Precautions and warnings

This medication is made to treat the trouble of impotence, so when you have every other ailment, you have to now not take this medicine.

This remedy comes in extraordinary dosages so you should take the dosage that suits your body.

You might also experience dizziness while taking this medication so you should not pressure or devour heavy food while taking this medicinal drug.

You need to not consume heavy food like sandwiches, pizzas, or burgers before taking this medicine.

This medicine must be utilized by men above 18 years of age, women need to preserve this medicinal drug far from children.

You should now not eat junk food and drinks alcohol before taking this Fildena

If your partner is pregnant, consult your doctor before taking this remedy.

You must now not eat alcohol before taking this remedy as it can cause facet results.