Dust at the bottom of the sword

Everyone looked at the two of them. One of the middle-aged people


Everyone looked at the two of them. One of the middle-aged people sat on a futon in the corner of the wall, with his feet on a short seat, half lying and half sitting. Roll the bull's eyes and say with smile: "Old thief, did you invite the master of Jiuling Poison Devil?"? The front is lively! The thief put down the parcel and said with a smirk, "The Jiuling Poison Demon won't be here until three or five days later. Guess who it is?" "It's not the three swords in the universe, is it?" "My brother laughed. The three swords in the universe will come sooner or later, but not now.". I'm telling you, it's the disciples of Babu Tianlong. "" The news immediately attracted the attention of the crowd, and someone shouted, "Are the eight heavenly dragons still alive?"? How is his career? "Of course, the eight heavenly dragons are still in the world. Famous teachers produce excellent students, and his disciples are naturally good." "Humph!"! The father of the tiger and the son of the dog are also very common. "Brother, don't be unconvinced. What do you think of Nanhai Shuangcan's art?"? As soon as the monk Bujie met him, he was slapped Zhen Fei Zhang, also said that it was merciful. Let me tell you a great news. "What is the news?" "Shuang can get Long Fei's sister here." There was a burst of cheers in the hall, and someone shouted, "Wonderful! This time Yunlong Shuangqi has ruled that we should be wronged." Injustice, revenge. Let's go! Go and see how the little bitch looks.-Why don't you complain if you get happy first? Go The two thieves entered the corridor, turned to the guest room at the end of the corridor, pushed open the door, and there were three people sitting on the Zen bed inside. I am meditating and practicing. The meditation bed is like a big bed, which can sleep ten people. There is a futon hanging on the wall, which can be used as a shelter for the benefactors. For sitting. The thief threw the parcel into the bed on the outside,face recognition identification, put down his wooden staff, untied his sword, and smiled at a gray-haired old man sitting next to him in meditation. "Brother Guangyuan," he said, "are you practicing so hard?" Brother Guangyuan heaved a long breath and said with a smile, "What's the matter?"? This time I came back jubilantly. Is to steal priceless. Bao? It's easy to see you two. "Of course it's easy. There's an acquaintance in the temple. Guess who it is?" "Who?"? Is it a man or a woman? "It's a woman." "Female?"? Who the hell is it? "Your Huangshan neighbor, the sister of Longfei Puppy." "Oh!"! You mean Miss Long, the disciple of Huijing Laoni? "Yes,interactive kiosk price, that's her. Would you like to see her?" Brother Guangyuan said to himself in a daze, "Eh!"! She. How did she get here? She.. "It's a catch, man. Go and see." Brother Guangyuan shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Don't joke. It's not worthwhile to be scolded by her.". Brother Ding, you shouldn't She has no quarrel with you who captured her. "Forget it, and say there's no quarrel?"? Several times we were almost ruined in the hands of a ghost woman! "That's your bad luck to find her. How can you blame her?"? I object to your despicable practice. Thief Jie Jie laughs, sit down to say: "Do not curse a person?"? If you weren't mean, you wouldn't be dating a fairy with Shuangqi. Feng's news tells us. And the purpose of your date with Shuangqi is to betray the details of your friend's crime in Anqing Mansion, right? Afterwards, your brother received a generous gift from your friend, and temporarily felt guilty, so he told us the news of the date. Instigate us to kill Shuangqi, but hide far away, right? I'm telling you, we're all birds of a feather, neither of us. Don't be sure, temperature check kiosk ,temperature screening kiosk, okay? Yunlong and Shuangqi are two little animals. As long as they don't die, your brother will have no peace. You don't want it. Sorry for the dragon bitch! You can't do great things with a soft heart. Soon someone pushed open the door and shouted, "Brother Yu, get ready to go down the hill." A middle-aged man at the end of the bed jumped down and asked, "Andy, what's going on?" "Senior Shi told us twelve people to send out the message of catching Miss Long. We need to set out immediately. Each of us will take one." A letter was sent to friends all over the world. Hurry up! Don't delay things. Ghost steals to lie on the bed, guffaw: "Ha ha!"! This time Shuangqi two puppies, even if they can defeat these people, they Their own disaster will be disastrous, not to mention that they have no hope of winning, ha. It won't be long before we see the light of day. Here we go. ” The Thief shook his head, touched the hole in his ear where there was no helix, and said with a wry smile, "There is still a little beast named Fang Shiting. He won't die. Let's They still can't rest easy, and they still can't see the light of day. At dusk, the blood demon returned to Jiuzi Temple. The news of the arrival of Fang Shiting, the prodigal son of Tongcheng, immediately spread throughout the temple, and the whole temple immediately entered a state of martial law, idle and miscellaneous. People are all evasive, heavily guarded, as if facing a formidable enemy. By the time the lantern was lit, no one had come. Canghai guest was saved by Fang Shiting. He wanted to see Fang Shiting very much. Fang Shiting joined hands, so he made an appointment with Jiutian Yulong to wait outside the temple early in the morning. But it was already dark, and there was still no sign of Fang Shiting. When the hidden stakes in various places were withdrawn, they insisted that there were absolutely no outsiders entering the prison. Visual area. Fang Shiting had come long ago and was lying in the lush grass behind the temple. Jiutian Yulong's view was contrary to Canghaike's. He thought that Fang Shiting told the blood demon to mind his own business and would never come to see him. Help, therefore do not have hope, Fang Shiting to come or not, he does not mind. The most frightened should be the two old thieves, the three words of Fang Shiting, which made them so frightened that they couldn't eat and sleep. Uncomfortable seat. At the end of the second watch and the beginning of the third watch, there were no lights in the temple. A ghost floated into the temple, like a ghost phantom. He is Fang Shiting, all wrapped in black clothes, black hood, only showing facial features, only wearing a sword, the whole person appears. Mysterious and gloomy. The purpose of his coming tonight, on the one hand, is to test the strength of the other side, if there are some rabble at all, he will You don't have to fish in troubled waters here, so why wait here? There is no need for the arrival of Master Siming's strange guests and disciples. How many of them will come? Flow master will drive these people to disappear, he is not too silly to wait here? On the other hand, he is not yet able to treat the dragon girl. Forget love, in the subconscious, he wants to come to see the dragon girl's experience. During the day, he had found out the situation of the whole temple, boldly invaded, fearless,temperature scanning kiosks, and he did not want to be with the nine-day Jade Dragon. A group of people are against him, but with the above two ideas, he must explore the tiger's lair and enter the dragon's pool. hsdtouch.com