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🥶Home Alone With My Sexy Stepmom🍆🍑💦🥵
Written By Godwin D. Owolabi🤓

Episode 6 (New girl on Campus)

I entered the car with tears in my eyes.Drake drove us to a clubhouse where I later got drunk.The next day,I woke up in a hotel with a severe headache and a beautiful girl which I've never set my eyes on sleeping with her head on my chest naked and I was naked as well.
I couldn't remember anything that happened the night before but I realised that we had sex.I went into the shower to clean when she also came in naked.She have such a nice body and a huge ass with medium sized boobs and a very cute face."Good morning handsome,hope you slept well,you were very good in bed last night"she said as she hugged me from the back with her two breast squeezing against my back.

"I'm good,um um um sorry actually I can't remember anything from last night, I think I drank too much" I said.

"Yeah I know,you don't remember anything and BTW I'm Adeola." She said smiling.

"So how did we ended up on bed Adeola"?I asked.

"We danced together in the club and when you were leaving for the hotel,your friend asked me to assist and spend the night with you so I came along"She replied.

"Ohk I think I'm remembering" I said as memories of she and I dancing and taking shots flashed in my mind.

I felt her hands squeezed my butt as she chuckled."You have a nice bum Danny and who is this miss Caroline you kept calling when we were having s*x?...she said.

She's my girlfriend I replied.

And you're calling her miss?that's weird"she said while rubbing her hands on my back sending chills through my body.

"Yeah I know but I call her that cos she used to teach my younger siblings before we began dating so I'm used to calling her that "I replied.

"Ohk,so what do we have here" she said as she held my balls softly from behind forcing me to turn and face her.She have a really nice curved body with and her huge ass just like miss Caroline's and sexy as well.She got down and used her tongue to play with the tip of my d*ck as I get harder then took it into her mouth sucking it until I cum.I carried out of the bathroom and into the bedroom just to avoid slipping and passing out again.
She laid flat on the bed with her legs spread in enabling me to see deep into her beautiful p**sy and I could even see her heart.
I got on the bed with her and started sucking her br**sts with my left hand penetrating into her honeypot as she moaned in pleasure.

After some minutes, I insert my🍆 into her honey pot as we laid in missionary position. After the 2nd round, she wrapped her legs around my neck as we continued f*cking until we were both tired.We showered together and when I ask for her account details she replied"I don't need your money Dan, we did it for fun and I'm not a slut"she said as she head out the door and I decided to escort her.She took out a car key and when she pressed a key on it, a new Pajero sports car automatically drove itself to where we are.We exchanged contacts and I watched her drove out of the hotel.
On my way back into hotel, I met Drake descending with two igbo girls from the stairs as he fed them lies about his life in the U.S...

On reaching home,there was a party which my dad hosted in honour of his engagement to miss Caroline.Drake and I find our way through the back door into the house and Drake left for his room but when I got to mine, my room was all cleaned up and everything was perfectly arranged in place."Wow,who could have taken his or her time to clean up all the mess I made in the room just overnight.I changed into a new outfit and on my way out,Miss Caroline was sitting all alone in the parlour while the main party and fun was ongoing outside.I was about to get out of the room when she spied me and called me"Dan where were you last night?Your dad and I were so worried.We waited for you and we couldn't sleep so I spent the night in your room hoping you'd come home"she said as she sipped the orange juice in her hand.

"So it was you, who took care of my room overnight.Thanks,I appreciate and can I go now?I said as I stood up.

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